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Côa Museum
Augmented reality
Content production
Interactive video mapping
Virtual reality

Côa Parque Foundation



APOM 2020: Best Museum, nominationAPOM 2020: Best App, 1st placeECTN 2020: Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism, 3rd place

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120 - Museu do Côa

Since it opened in 2010, the permanent exhibition at the Côa Museum hasn’t seen any major changes. However, investigations in the Côa Valley have never stopped and continue to generate more knowledge about Rock Art. Uncertainties that existed 10 years ago have become certainties today, and new important information has been brought to the permanent exhibition.

For this 2019 project, we were invited for designing a digital narrative for the Côa Museum, a new layer of knowledge over the current museum circuit. This new digital layer was designed so that the interpretation of the different rooms of the museum could be made simpler, more interactive and more visual.

We know that guides play a fundamental role in a visit to this Museum and its Archaeological Park. Using video mapping, we gave new tools to the guide, and to the visitor, allowing the museum to explain and visitors to understand, for example, the reason why Foz Côa has such a concentration of outdoor rock art, or present and explore the different engravings and learn about some animations that were carved in rock at the time.

Through Augmented Reality, it is now possible, for example, to observe a display of a Palaeolithic family at their camp, learn about their behaviour at the time, and even take selfies with them. And since a visit to the Côa Museum is only complete with a visit to its Archaeological Park, we used virtual reality to provide all visitors, even those with physical difficulties, a virtual tour of the 3 visitable places in the Park.

120 - Museu do Côa
120 - Museu do Côa

Because the Côa Valley is synonymous with rock art and also the struggle to preserve the heritage left by our ancestors, the museum itself represents an important legacy.

For this reason, the team responsible for designing this new narrative also proposed the dedication of a room in the museum to this theme, thus paying due tribute to all those who fought for the museum and its associated Archaeological Park.

120 - Museu do Côa

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