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Pavilion of Knowledge


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170 - Fishanário

The ocean is a fascinating domain, without it, life on this planet would be impossible. The Fisharium is the new immersive experience at the Pavilion of Knowledge, in Lisbon, which invites the young and old to dive into the depths of the sea.


The Fisharium experience starts right at the entrance to this feature. In a darkened environment, we are immediately transported to the ocean floor, surrounded by small windows, shaped like portholes, and a giant screen, which completely occupies one of the walls of the room, and which serves as a window to the ocean floor.

In a fully-built 3D environment based on our Atlantic ocean, we observe different marine species interacting in their natural habitat. It is then that the immersive experience begins.

With pencils and pens in hand, we realize that we can give more life and colour to the virtual ocean in front of us. Among turtles, sharks, jellyfish, crabs, cuttlefish, porcupine fish or wrasses, we are invited to colour any of these animals in our own way.

Then, we place our drawing on the scanner, press a button and, suddenly, magic happens. A few seconds later it is possible to see our fish painted in the Fisharium, along with many others. The bottom of the sea will never be the same again!

170 - Fishanário
170 - Fishanário

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